Grand designs on Ecohome garden

A green project is calling on garden designers to volunteer their time to help come up with some blooming lovely ideas for Harborough’s Ecohome.

The Sustainable Harborough group in partnership with Seven Locks Housing is asking for garden designers from the district for their expertise.

The Ecohome is a semi-detached house with extra insulation, state-of-the-art heating controls, solar panels, low-energy appliances and water-saving devices.

Its mission is to show people how they can reduce household emissions and reduce energy and water bills.

Now Sustainable Harborough wants to show how gardens can be used to grow food and encourage wildlife.

Spokesman Gavin Fletcher said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for a local garden designer to join us to design a garden which can be used for family life, encouraging wildlife and food growing as well as having parts which can be replicated by other residents hoping to achieve something similar.”

The garden is to be created in the new year with a team of volunteers and will be on display during special open days.

The Echome has been home since October to the Woolley family, who write an online blog about life in the home. Ayla Woolley (10) said: “The garden is my favourite part of my new home. I love wildlife and flowers and can’t wait to grow some fruit and veggies, although it isn’t wildlife friendly yet unless you like worms!”

Sustainable Harborough is keen to promote local businesses and any designer working on the project will be recognised for their contribution on its website.

Anyone interested in designing the Ecohome garden or becoming a volunteer gardener should contact Sustainable Harborough on 01858 466207 or email sustainableharborough@ruralcc.org.uk

For more information visit www.sustainableharborough.co.uk.




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