Video: Repeal hunting ban, says hunt master

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Joint master of the Fernie Hunt Chris Parker urged the Government to repeal the ban on hunting during the group’s Boxing Day meet.

And he said he would welcome a suggested amendment of the law to bring it in line with Scotland - where a full pack of dogs is still allowed to flush out foxes.

Mr Parker said: “It’s been a other huge turnout and a great festive atmosphere and a tremendous show of support as always. We’re always delighted to see that.

“Of course we wish to see the repeal of the hunting act and we do - although it wont make any difference to the lowland hunts immediately - welcome the suggested amendment to the hunding act to bring it line with Scotland. Given that it would not require an act of Parliament it shouldn’t be too politically difficult.

“We would certainly welcome the politicians being able to deliver that, if nothing else as a gesture of goodwill to the countryside and all that we stand for.

“The support for hunting is as strong as ever. We’ve seen dramatically increased numbers this season and things are looking good so we’re really pleased about that.”




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