Editor’s weekly column: Help shape the future of your newspaper

Neil Pickford is the editor of the Harborough Mail

Neil Pickford is the editor of the Harborough Mail


At this time of year it is traditional to look back at the past 12 months and forward to the year ahead.

I’m no different and often take the opportunity at this time of year to take a step back, take stock and have a look at the paper and website with a fresh pair of eyes. I like what I see.

But, I’m also well aware we must continue to strive to make improvements in print and on the web to ensure we provide a relevant news service in the future.

Much of what we do is already shaped by the views and opinions of our readers and website users. Any business has to give its customers what they want, and we are no different.

Which is why I want to find out what Mail readers and website users want from us in the future.

I am very keen to know what persuades people to spend 75p per week on this newspaper and what will persuade them to keep doing so in the future.

We need to continue doing what we do, but do it better.

We need to continue holding the powerful to account, shining a light on the huge amount of good being done in our communities and ensuring that the man or woman in the street has a voice with those is power.

But what do you think? Please send me a tweet, email or letter.

I will then add those views to my own and those of my colleagues, plus market research we have been carrying out, to shape the future of the newspaper and its website.
Help us give you what you want and shape the future of your newspaper.

Column by Neil Pickford.

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