Flooding could mean the end for town club

Harborough Town Football Club's Andy Winstone surveys the damage caused after two recent floodings to the buildings.

Harborough Town Football Club's Andy Winstone surveys the damage caused after two recent floodings to the buildings.

A sports club which caters for 700 adults and children as well as providing a place for functions could be forced to close due to flooding.

Harborough Town Football Club was flooded for the second time in two months at the weekend.

The club is now calling for support from people in the community by attending games and booking function rooms at the club house.

Laurence Jones, chairman of trustees at the club, said: “It is devastating to see our wonderful facility been subject to the power of nature in this way, and the trustees are working tirelessly to find a solution to prevent further floods.

“The club needs everyone connected, in whatever capacity, to help and be understanding during the weeks ahead while we undertake the repairs needed.”

On Saturday night trustees helped hold the flooding back from the clubhouse with sandbags, but water still ran through into the premises.

Club trustee Stel Tzirki said: “Unfortunately the club has been the victim of more floods, and this time to devastating effect.

“The brook has again burst its bank in several places, meaning that all the water coming off the fields passed through the club house. Unless this problem is resolved with the brook and other areas in Harborough, insurance for local Harborough businesses will become almost impossible to find.”

The club held a meeting on Monday night to see what could be done about the flooding.

It was decided that an expert would be consulted.

The club has been flooded by water from a nearby brook, although the question of who has responsibility for this brook remains a mystery.

Andy Winston said the club had been due to close on February 4 in order for it to be dried out from the last floods. It will, however, now be open.

Mr Winston said that the estimated damage to the club from the original flood back in November was £70,000.

Mr Tzirki said: “Harborough Town FC is a grass roots charity bringing together children of all ages.

“More than 700 children and adults play there each week, and the club cannot continue to fund these devastating issues, meaning the local area will lose this great club.”

To support the club book a room or watch its mat ches.




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