Past voices enrich narrative in Mike’s new history book

Author Mike Hutton

Author Mike Hutton

The personal recollections of an author who lives in the Harborough district make for a touching and at times hilarious book.

Life in 1940s London by Mike Hutton, of Great
Oxendon, follows the effect that the Second World War had on the capital and the dire austerity that followed the war.

The book covers a turbulent decade with topics including evacuation , the harrowing Blitz, US forces, rationing, crime , entertainment and the 1948 London Olympics.

It weaves into the narrative the voices of those who lived through this period of British history.

It was arguably the most momentous decade in London’s colourful history and was a time of huge contrasts. The war provided a heady brew of fear, bravery, stoicism, cowardice and crime, set to a background of popular music by Glenn Miller and Vera Lynn.

Mr Hutton vividly recreates a London with these voices which seem far removed from the city today. The book is available from bookshops and Amazon with the hardback book priced at £20 per copy.




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